Consider Today’s Composite Decking Vs Wood For Your Backyard

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What’s The Difference From Wood?

You’ve probably seen composite decking options at your local hardware store or lumberyard, and likely have wondered how these products compare to wood decking.

The Perfect Combination Of Wood And Plastic

In your search for information, a good first question to answer is: What is a composite board?

Composite decking boards typically combine wood and plastic to create boards that can be used for virtually any decking project, and require less long-term maintenance than wood. 

Long Life Span, Minimal Upkeep and Warrantied for Your Confidence

Built to last, some composite deck manufacturers offer warranties, like MoistureShield’s limited lifetime warranty that can’t be matched by most wood decking.

This assurance of quality and safety has pushed more homeowners to switch to composites for their decks, docks and other outdoor living spaces.

Visible Or Invisible Fastening

A close up view of a hidden fastener deck clip and grooved composite board

Most composite boards can be installed using the same tools used when working with wood, keeping your installation process simple.

Installation times can also be cut by using hidden fasteners that fit with grooved-edge composite boards and attach using a pneumatic gun, eliminating steps in your building process.

And No Routine Sanding, Staining Or Sealing

Unlike traditional wood decks, once your composite deck is installed, the most difficult work is over. There is no need for routine painting, staining or sealing, leaving more time for you to enjoy your beautiful new outdoor living space.

Incredible Beauty That Mimics Nature

In the past, the main downfall of composites was their lack of natural beauty.

Homeowners once complained that composite boards lost the look and feel of wood, appearing more like plastic.

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