What type of guarantee do you provide?

Simple reseal work is guaranteed unconditionally for one year against peeling and flaking. Replacement work is guaranteed for eight years with proper maintenance. If properly taken care of as outlined in the maintenance specifications, replacement work should give upwards of twenty years of service.


How long will my job take?

The average job can be completed within three to five working days. Larger jobs will take slightly longer. You will receive an estimated completion time with your specific proposal.


How will your work affect access to the property?

Access will be limited or unavailable typically between the hours of 9a.m. and 4:30p.m. only. The material can be walked on at the end of each day without fear of damage to the ongoing process.


What if I don’t like any of your stock colors?

Custom colors are available at no additional charge.


Will I need to provide access to water and power?



Do you know how much woodwork my job might need?

Being able to determine the actual amount of wood repair needed is difficult unless the deck is exposed at the time of inspection. We will include any woodwork costs that are apparent in our estimate.