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Best Patio Waterproofing in Los Angeles

Patio waterproofing is one of the best investments you can make to extend the life and beauty of your outdoor surfaces. While it may not rain much here in Los Angeles, water damage can still come in unexpected forms—especially in dry regions like ours.

With little rainfall, wood, masonry, and other patio materials gradually dry up, becoming even more susceptible to water damage. As a result, whether it’s rain, pool splashes, or even a spilled drink, any amount of water can quickly seep into dried surfaces and cause serious damage over time. 

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Benefits of Patio Waterproofing

Patio waterproofing does more than just protect against water damage: From easy cleaning to preserving beauty, waterproofing comes with a surprising number of benefits.

Strengthens Your Patio

Whether it’s water, foot traffic, or heavy furniture and outdoor accessories, your patio receives a lot of wear and tear over its lifetime. Though waterproofing mainly protects your patio from water damage, it can also help water damage from spreading to nearby structures over time.

Pays for Itself

Patios and decks with waterproof coatings have dramatically increased life spans than those without—sometimes as much as double! As a result, a waterproof coating may be all the difference between basic maintenance and expensive patio repairs and replacements.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

Waterproof coatings make your patio easy to clean and resistant to discoloration or rot caused by water infiltration. As a result, waterproofing reduces both maintenance costs and cleaning time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your patio.

Stops Mold and Mildew

Wherever water seeps in, dangerous mold and mildew are bound to follow. With most patios having direct exposure to rain and water, unprotected patio surfaces are especially susceptible to developing mold, mildew, and even rot wherever water finds its way in.

With a waterproof coating, however, you can keep you and your family safe by never giving mold or mildew a chance to spread.

Preserves Appearance and Finishes

Sealing your patio from water also helps seal it away from the regular wear and tear that causes finishes, paints, and stains to fade or chip. Plus, by preventing water infiltration, you’ll also avoid unsightly water damage and dark spots caused by mold and mildew.

Increases Property Value

By keeping your patio in pristine condition and free of water damage, you’ll increase and maintain the value of your property. If or when you decide to sell, both you and potential buyers will rest assured knowing that one of your property’s most vulnerable surfaces is thoroughly protected.

Why Choose Capital Deck & Stair?

For over 30 years, Capital Deck & Stair has provided patio waterproofing services for customers throughout Los Angeles. Our superior waterproof patio coatings protect stone, brick, wood, and any other patio surface—all backed by our warranty and exceptional service.

Why Choose Capital Deck & Stair for your patio waterproofing needs?

  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured
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  • Clean and tidy job sites to minimize disruptions to your business
  • All work backed with a warranty and guarantee
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • Family owned and operated

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