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  • What to Put Under Deck for Moisture Resistance

    What to Put Under Deck for Moisture Resistance

    Imagine relaxing on your deck, enjoying a serene evening as the sun sets. While the surface of your deck is essential, what lies beneath is equally crucial. Protecting against moisture, weeds, and other unwanted problems ensures your deck’s longevity and safeguards your home’s foundation. Let’s explore what to put under deck for moisture resistance and […]

  • what size deck can i build without a permit

    What Size Deck Can I Build Without a Permit

    Discover the freedom of deck repair and construction without the hassle of permits! In our comprehensive guide, we discuss what size deck can I build without a permit, exploring exemptions based on size and location, navigating the deck permit process, understanding the consequences of bypassing permits, and the vital role of a deck contractor in […]

  • How to Build a Four Season Room on a Deck_capital_deck_and_stair_waterproofing

    How to Build a Four Season Room on a Deck

    Transforming your deck into a four-season room is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors all year round. However, embarking on this project requires careful planning, a solid budget, and collaboration with experienced contractors. While it may seem daunting, our guide on how to build a four-season room on a deck will simplify the process […]

  • Waterproof A Deck Over Living Space

    Waterproof A Deck Over Living Space: Material, Procedure & Tips

    When it comes to outdoor spaces, protecting your furniture and deck from unpredictable weather is crucial. Waterproofing your deck over a living space is essential to prevent water damage. Before starting a waterproofing project, consider the best water-resistant materials and installation practices. Keep reading Capital Deck & stair waterproofing’s blog to get valuable tips for […]

  • Durable, simplistic design

    Steel Stairs Vs. Concrete Stairs: What’s the Best Choice for Your Home?

    When deciding between steel stairs vs concrete stairs for your home, consider durability, maintenance, and cost. Steel stairs are quick to install, versatile, but need more upkeep due to corrosion. Concrete stairs are sturdy, require less maintenance, and can be cost-effective in the long run. Your choice should match your style preferences and budget. Each […]

  • Waterproof A Deck Over Living Space

    How to Restore an Old Deck So It Looks Like New

    As the years roll by, our decks endure a lot – rain, snow, and the scorching sun take their toll. The wood can bend, rot, or just lose its original charm, leaving us with a deck that’s not exactly a joy to behold or to walk on. But fear not! Restoring your deck can turn […]

  • What Sets Patio Waterproofing Solutions Apart From Other Deck Systems?

    Are you looking to upgrade your deck with a reliable and long-lasting solution? Patio waterproofing solutions may be just what you need. In this blog, we will explore what sets patio waterproofing apart from other deck systems. You’ll discover the benefits of choosing this innovative option for your outdoor space and why it stands out […]

  • Add a pergola to your rooftop deck

    5 Tips for Waterproofing Cracks And Joints to Maintain a Dry Home

    If you’re struggling with leaks and moisture seeping into your home, you should need to pay attention to these 5 tips for waterproofing cracks and joints. You can maintain a dry and comfortable living space by taking proactive steps to seal up these vulnerable areas. From simple DIY solutions to professional techniques, there are various […]

  • glazed elements at the back of the house

    Top Four Signs Your Business Needs Concrete Waterproofing & Resurfacing in Los Angeles

    Are you a business owner in Los Angeles? Is your property showing signs of wear and tear? It might be time to consider concrete waterproofing and resurfacing. In this blog, we will discuss the top four signs that indicate your business needs this essential maintenance. From water damage to cracks and uneven surfaces, we will […]

  • Beach lounge on sunbathing deck and private awimming pool

    How a Pool Deck Company Can Revamp Your Outdoor Space

    Are you tired of looking at your dull and uninspiring outdoor space? Do you dream of transforming it into a beautiful and inviting oasis? Choose a pool deck company to revamp your outdoor space and make your dreams a reality. With their expertise and experience, these professionals can breathe new life into your backyard, creating […]