FAQ About Deck Sealing & Waterproofing

Many homes, businesses, and properties in Los Angeles have decks that see a lot of foot traffic but do not get a lot of attention. It is not that most people do not care about the conditions of their decks – many people would claim that a good deck can bring the entire house together. Instead, most people are just not aware of what can be done to improve, repair, and care for a deck.

Our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists at Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing are truly passionate about making decks and stairs look their best, no matter the weather or wear. We have compiled a useful frequently asked questions section below to hopefully address your most pressing concerns about deck waterproofing, sealing, and staining. Be sure to give it a brief review, or feel free to contact us directly to learn about our services, which are available during the workweek, afterhours, and even on the weekends.

Deck Waterproofing & Sealing FAQ

  1. How often should I service or repair my deck?
    You can expect a great weatherproofing job to last at least two years under normal conditions. If there is plenty of shade throughout the day on the deck and you don’t get much rain – in Los Angeles, rain is pretty scarce – it could last up to five years. On the opposite end, heavily trafficked decks in direct sunlight may need waterproofing once a year.
  2. Should I waterproof a brand new deck?
    Possibly. Some new woods need a couple months after installation before they are ready for waterproofing, due to the material’s pores, climate conditions, and other factors. Others may need immediate sealing to stop normal wear and tear from turning into noticeable dents and dings. Contact a professional waterproofing specialist, tell them what sort of wood you have in your new deck, and they can get you a proper treatment schedule.
  3. Should I use a darker stain or finish?
    Only use dark stains if you are confident a dark, forest-y look will be right for your deck. Once you stain, seal, or finish wood darkly, it can be difficult to go back to lighter or transparent stains in the future. After all, you are staining it.
  4. My railings don’t seem to need to be refinished – why is that?
    Sunlight beats down on the horizontal surfaces of decks, where heat can build up and get trapped. The same can be said for harsh weather elements, like rain or ice on cold mornings. Vertical railings don’t take the brunt of the elements and therefore generally look better and last longer than the decks they accompany.
  5. Does occasionally rinsing down my deck actually help?
    Absolutely, especially for wooden decks with cracks between the planks. A quick wash down once a week or so can push away bits of dirt, dust, and whatever else is out there before it accumulates into a problem. If your deck has been recently stained, sealed, or weatherproofed, ask a specialist how soon you can wash it down again.

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