Four Valuable Deck Maintenance Tips

Whether it’s a brutal summer days with triple-digit temperatures or a rainy winter afternoon, Los Angeles is not a friendly city for decking. Replacing or rebuilding your deck can be extremely expensive, and yet our weather makes it particularly difficult for decks to last more than just a few years before they need a major service. However, there are several things you can do to increase your deck’s durability and longevity, helping it to last several additional years before it needs to be replaced, which saves you money in the long run. Here are four valuable deck maintenance tips to keep in mind with winter just around the corner.

Wash Your Deck

Regularly cleaning the dirt and debris off your deck using a pressure washer can prove extremely valuable. While water that sits stagnant can damage the wood, a good pressure washing can help remove any of the contaminants that are starting to sink in, keeping your deck clean and vibrant. Always make sure to keep the pressure stream moving to avoid accidentally damaging your deck.

Fix Popped Nails

Look around your deck for any signs of screws or nails that have come loose. Not only are these huge trip hazards but they’re a sign that your deck could be warping and starting to shift its shape. Carefully remove these nails with a hammer and then use a screw longer than that nail to re-attach the board back down to your deck.

Repair Split Boards

If you notice a board that has split or developed any major cracks, you should replace them. Not only do these cracks become a huge eyesore and make your deck look old and rickety, but they also could be a weak point in your deck. Carefully measure and cut a replacement board. Don’t worry if the new board appears to be taller than the rest: board shrink and even out as they lose their moisture.

Seal Your Deck

Any deck owner knows that you have to regularly seal and stain your deck in order to help it withstand the brutal wear and tear the elements place on it every day. Choose a quality water seal that not only resists things like mold and insects, but also offers UV protection to help keep your deck from being too heavily damaged by the sun. You can also choose a quality stain to help inject new life into your deck.

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