How to Refresh Your Deck with Simple Steps

Any deck – whether it be a leisure deck , walking deck , or pool deck – will eventually start to look a little worse for wear. Or, at the very least, it just won’t feel as inviting anymore. If this has happened to your deck, wouldn’t it be nice to refresh it and restore its welcoming nature? Luckily, this is possible, and it probably isn’t as difficult as you think.

These easy-to-follow steps can help you freshen up your deck:

  1. Scan: Before you can really improve your deck’s condition, you need to know everything that is wrong with it. Make an inspection of anything that catches your eye and note where you find issues. You should be looking for loose bolts, cracked wood, chipped concrete, and any other condition that could be indicative of a bigger underlying problem.
  2. Sweep: A good push-broom is your best friend when it comes to getting the biggest bits of debris and dirt out of the cracks and gaps in your deck. Put all the furniture on the lawn and start by sweeping your deck thoroughly.
  3. Scrub: Trouble spots and grease stains won’t be swept away by a push-broom but they aren’t tougher than you. If you have a deck-rated power scrubber, this step is incredibly simple. Otherwise, you will need to get a brush, some cleaner, and a bottle of elbow grease to deal with those nasty particulars.
  4. Scrape: The floorboards of your deck undoubtedly take the worst beating on a daily basis but don’t forget about any handrails, bannisters, and other components that might make up your deck. A scrubbing brush and some extra attention will work wonders here.
  5. Splash: When the noticeable, individual stains are gone, you can make a complete pass over the deck with an extra splash of deck-approved soap and your push-broom again.

How does your deck look now that you’ve cleared it off and given it some welcome attention? If it doesn’t look warm and wonderful as it once did, it could very well be time to refinish or reseal it again. Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing of Los Angeles can provide you with professional help when it comes to tackling any deck or stair job, no matter the size or scale. Contact our team to get a free quote about the project you have in mind.

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