Should I Waterproof My Deck Myself or Hire Professionals?

Your deck is one of the most beautiful and valuable assets to your home or business. As such, it must be maintained on a regular basis to preserve its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. One of the most important types of required maintenance for your deck is to have it waterproofed and periodically resealed to protect it against the elements. This begs the question: should you attempt to reseal your deck on your own, or should you hire a professional? While applying a sealant to your deck may seem simple on the surface, waterproofing requires a certain level of knowledge and precision to avoid inadvertently inflicting lasting damage to your investment.

Reasons to hire a professional for your waterproofing project include:

  • Choosing the right sealant: There are a myriad of different waterproofing products on the market, including epoxy resins, oils, and varnishes. Do you know which one is best for your deck? Which will last the longest? Which provides the best value for the money? A professional can help you choose a sealant that is best for your type of deck.
  • Saving you time: The process of waterproofing can take up to a week from start to finish, including stripping the deck’s old seal, inspecting boards and fasteners, sanding, pressure washing, and applying multiple coats of sealant. A professional can save you this hassle and allow you to spend your time doing more worthwhile activities.
  • Avoiding damage to your deck: While DIY waterproofing can save you on labor costs, the tradeoff is that you run the risk of applying the sealer improperly. Miscalculating how much you need of a stain or sealer can require you to go running back to the store for more project while your project proceeds to dry or cure unevenly, resulting in permanent flaws in your deck. Likewise, improperly using a power sander can leave burn marks on your deck or uneven spots from sanding too much. By hiring a professional, you can ensure the job is done correctly and to your satisfaction the first time around.

Southern California Waterproofing Specialists

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing , our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists can help you seal your deck against the elements and ensure it looks its best for years to come. With 30+ years of industry experience, our family-run business can provide the cost-effective, professional, and durable results you need with the dependable service you deserve.

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