Why You Should Waterproof Your Pool Deck

In Los Angeles alone, there are more than 43,000 swimming pools, which means there are more than 43,000 swimming-pool decks . Many pools have concrete decks, which inevitably crack. Other pools, such as rooftop pool decks, are built over wood. Water can be relentless and destructive. If it can get into the smallest space within your deck, eventually you will have a bigger space. One of the reasons it’s so important to waterproof your pool deck is that consistent pool use will always get water everywhere.

Concrete is very porous, which is why waterproofing a pool area is vital. Not only will pool use expose the concrete to water, but it will also protect the surface from chlorides and other harmful pool chemicals. If you have children, some waterproofing products can even improve traction, which can protect you and your kids from slips and falls.

Wood decks are also particularly vulnerable to water. Not only is wood porous, but it tends to be softer, allowing water to erode it more quickly. Wood is also a natural material, meaning that once it’s wet, it is more likely to attract mold and mildew, which will quickly rot the wood. Wood also warps more visibly, which could make walking on it more dangerous and aesthetically displeasing.

Whether you have a wood or a concrete deck, waterproofing will preserve your pool area longer and keep it looking new for years. It will also save you money on later deck repairs. Do the smart thing and waterproof your pool deck today. Contact our Los Angeles deck & stair waterproofing team today. We have more than 30 years of experience with improving pool decks across Southern California. Call us at (888)-508-2966  or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

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