7 Inexpensive Garage Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

Your garage can be much more than just a place to park your car or store the odd box or two. With a few simple and inexpensive upgrades, you can transform your garage into a versatile storage space, improve your curb appeal, and even increase your home’s value.

Read on to discover seven easy and inexpensive ways you can upgrade your garage and make greater use of this valuable space.

The 7 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Garage on a Budget

A garage renovation might sound like an expensive and difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be!

1. Garage Storage System

Though they may be built for storing cars, garages can be great places to store just about everything else. You can even use it to store heavier items that would be difficult to carry between the basement or a storage unit. Your garage can probably store more than you think!

However, your square footage is still valuable. As a result, investing in a good garage storage system can help you make the most of your garage space while also efficiently organizing your belongings. Common garage storage solutions include wall shelving, rolling storage carts, and even ceiling racks for storing items overhead—a vastly underutilized space.

2. Improved Insulation

Improved Insulation

While insulating your garage might seem like overkill, it comes with more benefits than many people would realize. In addition to keeping your car and any stored belongings at a consistent temperature, garage insulation can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce drafts.

Garage insulation is especially important for those living in colder climates, where extreme cold can often cause damage to car fuel tanks and electrical systems.

3. Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are a must if you want to transform your garage into a more versatile multipurpose space. Thankfully, it’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade and a simple job for any certified electrician.

Adding a few electrical outlets around the garage allows you to use power tools, set up a workshop, or plug in a vacuum and other equipment for cleaning your car. A garage electrical outlet can also allow you to install extra appliances, such as an extra freezer or refrigerator.

4. Fixing the Concrete Garage Floor

Fixing the Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete is bound to crack and crumble eventually—especially if a car drives over it every day! If your concrete floor has seen better days, then fixing cracks and pitted areas may be essential for protecting it from further damage.

Fixing minor concrete damage is often inexpensive and can be done without having to replace or re-pour the entire floor. After repairs, consider garage waterproofing to help further protect your investment.

5. Upgraded Garage Door

Upgraded Garage Door

Upgrading your garage doors is a quick and extremely effective way to improve your home’s curb appeal. The best thing about this upgrade is that it’s often less expensive than many people assume, even if you have a wall-mounted garage door opener.

We understand that upgrading your garage doors can be a significant investment, depending on the size of the project. Still, the resulting increase in home value is almost always higher than the initial upgrade cost.

6. DIY Parking Guide

DIY Parking Guide

Never quite sure how much room you have when pulling into your garage? Look no further than a parking guide—a simple DIY hack you can do in less than an hour using materials you probably already have.

While there are many ways to build a parking guide, the simplest involves hanging a tennis ball from a string attached to the ceiling of your garage. The tennis ball should drop down far enough so that it “taps” your car once it reaches the ideal distance from the wall.

7. Garage Waterproofing

Garage Waterproofing

Your garage is one of the best places to store important items. However, if water gets in, there’s a risk that mold and other pollutants can ruin your stored valuables. To prevent that, you should choose waterproofing as your next garage update.

Waterproofing your garage walls will keep your stored items in perfect condition while improving your home’s overall resale value.

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