How to Prepare Your Pool Deck for Summer Heat

Swimming pools are a popular property addition here in California, and odds are you’ll probably be heading to one this summer in an effort to beat the heat. This means summertime is the peak season for swimming pool use, and these next few months will likely mean abuse from both repeated use and brutal exposure to the elements that a blistering Los Angeles summer can provide. One of the best ways to make sure your deck can survive this period is to prepare it. Here are a few things you can do to both improve your deck’s look and help it survive summer in better shape.


It may not be the cheapest method of preparing your deck for summer, but removing the old, boring surface and replacing it with a new, sparkling surface is a great way to both add value to your property and make your deck more durable and prepared for summer. Outdoor and pool deck tiles are manufactured to withstand decades of heat and sun exposure as well as repeated water contact. There’s no better way to overhaul your backyard than a full or even a partial resurfacing job.


If your deck surface is still in usable condition but has started to fade or appear bland after years of sun exposure, staining the surface can help in two ways. On one hand, it makes the entire surface appear and feel new, and on the other it also re-seals your surface, giving it an added degree of durability that will last for years going forward when done properly. This option also isn’t terribly expensive either, and could be what you need to bring your deck back to life this summer.

Crack Repair

After a while, water damage, shifting earth, and repeated use can lead to cracks in cement or concrete deck surfaces. These cracks may not appear to be that big of a deal, but after a while they tend to grow and chip, becoming an eyesore. When this happens, a low-budget option for repairing your deck is to simply fill these cracks and re-seal them off. Doing this and combining it with a new stain can make an old, worn deck appear brand new again, and increase its ability to withstand the harshness of summer use and pummeling from sunlight.

Epoxy Coating

Is your cement or concrete deck painted? This practice is becoming highly common when homeowners want their pool deck to match the exact color of their house or theme of their backyard. After just a few short years, even the most durable of outdoor pants will begin to fade or chip away if left exposed. However, an epoxy sealer coat can help keep the color of your deck vibrant and protected for decades. This is also a particularly easy, low-budget option to revitalize your pool area and get it ready for the long months of heat and water exposure ahead.

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