Make Your Pool Safer: Waterproof Your Deck!

If you ask someone from outside of Southern California what life is like here in the Los Angeles area, they’ll probably give you a pretty stereotypical answer: the weather is always nice, everyone lives next to a movie star, and there’s a swimming pool in every backyard. While none of these are true, two of them are actually fairly common, including the one about swimming pools. You’ll find pools in all shapes and sizes all over the Los Angeles area, and they all have just one thing in common: they have a deck that surrounds them.

The deck around your pool is actually one of the largest contributing factors to the dangers that pools present. Your homeowner’s insurance company will likely beat you over the head with warnings about drowning accidents, but the deck around your pool is likely the single biggest contributor to these accidents. This is because when your pool deck gets wet, it gets slippery, and when it gets slippery, the odds of you slipping, falling, becoming injured, and then falling into the water increase dramatically.

Believe it or not, something you have to do periodically can actually help combat this from becoming an issue, however. By waterproofing your pool deck properly, you can reduce the chances of someone slipping and getting hurt on the deck of your pool.

When you waterproof your deck, you will have the option to also include a slip or skid-resistant material to the sealant mix. Generally, these materials are very finely-ground polymers which have the consistency of fine sand, which when added to your sealant, creates a textured surface. This surface will last as long as the waterproofing seal over your deck, and provide you with a texture that is much easier to grip, whether on shoes or bare feet. This method is generally the longest-lasting option.

However, if you have recently sealed your deck but now want to add the slip-resistance of one of these materials, you have another option as well. Your water proofer can also add another thin layer of sealant to your deck and then coat it with a fresh layer of the polymer material. This will provide you with similar grip and slip resistance while preventing you from having to completely re-seal your deck. Some contractors actually combine both of these methods for maximum grip retention.

If you have a pool in your backyard, you need to make sure your deck is appropriately waterproofed. Call Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing today at (888) 508-2966 to request an estimate and find out what kind of non-skid material treatments we can add to your sealing today!

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