Waterproofing Increases Property Value

As a homeowner, you’re probably well-aware of just how important it is that your property is water-tight in every necessary regard. Whether it’s your roof, your walls, the deck of your pool, or even your basement, water intrusion can lead to a lot of serious damage that can cost thousands to fix. However, did you know there’s an added value to a waterproofed property? It’s true, and it comes in your overall property value. A pool deck or outdoor staircase that has been appropriately waterproofed can actually increase the value of your home.

Make Your Home Look the Best

Any real-estate agent can tell you just how important it is that your home looks like it’s in great shape. The better it looks, the more reasonable your asking price will sound. Therefore, if a potential buyer comes to see your home and your yard looks unkempt, the roof looks old, and the area around your pool appears as though it has seen better days, odds are you’ll not only fetch a much lower bid, but you’ll probably reduce the number of bids you even see at all.

This is especially true with pool areas. When someone buys a house with a pool, they do so knowing that the pool in the backyard is going to be one of the highlights of the home: it’ll be what people want to see when they come over, where they host barbecues, and where they sit outside during the warm sunsets of summer. A pool that has been slammed with water damage and looks like it’s in no shape to host anything will likely scare off any buyers who are looking for a home that’s ready to go. And those who are willing to do the work are probably looking for a bargain.

The basement is also extremely important. While most homes in Southern California don’t have basements, houses in the hills tend to be built with their bottom floor into the hill itself, which could lead to potential water damage if the water is not directed away properly. Even a small crack could become a bigger problem overtime, so it’s important to do a thorough inspection every year (usually around the start of fall) to make sure any underground or in-ground areas are ready for any water they may see.

So if you’re looking into selling your home soon and you want to get top dollar for it, consider calling our Los Angeles deck waterproofing experts. Your buyers will love the great condition of the deck around your pool and you’ll be more likely to receive higher bids than a home with a shoddy, dull-looking pool area that’s in need of a face lift.

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