Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Fiberglass Stairs

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Cement, metal, and wood remain somewhat popular for outdoor stairways, but, with all factors considered, fiberglass is one of the most advantageous materials. Durability is just one reason to consider installing fiberglass stairs. Here is a more comprehensive look at why more and more homeowners are choosing this option.

What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a plastic material reinforced with glass fiber. The fibers can be arranged in many ways to achieve a desired result, whether randomly arranged, flattened in sheets, or woven to create a fabric; thermoset polymers or thermoplastic polymers may be produced as well. Often called glass-reinforced plastic or glass-fiber reinforced plastic, it is used for many applications, including fiberglass insulation, piping, storage tanks, auto body parts, and building materials, to name a few.


The key benefits of fiberglass stairs and ladders include:

● Strength: By weight, it is stronger than many metals, including sheet metal. Being man-made, fiberglass is also stronger than wood. It withstands high tension and compression, as glass fiber is extremely stiff along its axis. Stairs made of the material, therefore, can withstand repeated use over the long term.
● Durability: Fiberglass is waterproof and resistant to rust and corrosion, so it is suited for locations near salt water. It also resists a variety of corrosive chemicals. This allows fiberglass stairs to be used in applications in which other materials could expose homeowners to risks of degradation. It’s also resistant to expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes and mechanical stress.
● Non-Conductive: Fiberglass does not conduct electricity. If a stairway is installed near a power source or electrical line, or electrically powered tools or appliances are used nearby, one need not worry about electrical currents transmitting through the material, as is the case with metal.
● Aesthetics: Fiberglass, although typically sporting a clean, classic look, can be molded into any shape. This allows infinite possibilities. Stairways can feature brand-specific elements or complement a home’s existing architecture. They can be crafted to suit virtually any design theme.

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● Low Cost: Pricing is relatively stable compared to steel, including for production, installation, and maintenance. Since fiberglass is lightweight and strong, it costs less to ship and store.
● Eco-Friendly: Producing fiberglass is less energy-intensive than other materials. Fewer resources are required for maintenance while it’s also recyclable. The fibrous materials can be broken down and used for other applications when a product is no longer needed.

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